Extravaganza September 14-15, 2018

Extravaganza 2018

We had another successful Extravaganza and received lots of excellent comments. Our Friday Dance attendance dance was around 150; The Saturday dinner attendance was over 160 and about 200 enjoyed an excellent concert.


 Extravaganza Volunteers:

  • On behalf of the Edmonton Accordion Society I like to recognize the many volunteers who freely gave their time and expertise to make Extravaganza 2018 a success
  • Firstly, to the Board members for all the time spent planning and with the prep work necessary to run the Extravaganza.
  • Dianne Tebby coordinated the advertisement, posters and brochures. Nick Molella looked after the bridge advertisement and Nick Fedchyshyn look after the Billboards
  • The ticket sales were looked after by Nick and Marlene Molella.
  • The hall was decorated by George and Cecile Jaegli with help from Bonnie and Don Kupina. George again brought his accordion playing family, giving a warm accordion welcome in the hallway.
  • Friday evening’s luncheon was purchased and coordinated by Mary Kobasiuk. She was assisted by Bonnie Kupina and Cecile Jaegli. 
  • Friday and Saturday evening the ticket table was looked after by Dianne Tebby, Ingrid Schneider, Kathy Dahlberg and our nonmember volunteers, Walter Kehl and Kathie Reith.  Kathy Dahlberg ensured that all diners had the right tickets. 
  • Paul Kobasiuk, Larry Dufresne, Nick Molella and Denis Bourdon set up the trading area in the foyer. 
  • Membership sales were looked after by June McNeil and Sandra Okrainec.  
  • Open Stage was MC’d by Denis Bourdon and Paul Kobasiuk.
  • Our performer’s accommodations and contracts etc. was looked after by Charlie Kapchinsky.
  • Nick Fedchyshyn looked after payment of our performers and other expenses. 
  • A Special thank you to Enes Upright and “Friends and Neighbors” and to Ralph Garneau for great dance music Friday evening. 
©Edmonton Accordion Society @2018