Welcome to the Edmonton Accordion Society 

Next meeting is Sunday, Oct 28 from 1:00 till 4:00 pm.  

After a short meeting we will have:

  1. A presentation by Terry Triska on using Basic Chord patterns. This should be useful information for all players.
  2. Then the “Kansas City Challenge” So what is that you ask ???.  Well, over the last many months I have sent out sheet music for your playing pleasure. That works well for members who are proficient in reading sheet music but not so well for those of us who are less proficient
  3. Then at the October 28 meeting we will play this song over a speaker system and all who are up to it are invited to play along.  After that we will try to play it together from memory, without the music accompaniment.
  4. This is intended to be a fun, hands-on exercise in playing by ear.  We all learn our music differently so let’s us have fun with trying this one. The music is in the key of C and uses primarily the C, F and G7 chords.  
  5. Then music by individuals playing from our sign-up sheet. 

Please bring your accordions (and other instruments), share your music and join in the “Kansas City Challenge”.   

Share your knowledge:  We continue to look for ideas to keep our meetings interesting and informative.  Amongst members there is a lot of knowledge and expertise.  Maybe a good fingering technique; maybe different ways of playing the bass side; maybe a great song; maybe a great accordion experience; maybe a good way to learn a new song. In short, if you feel you have a subject other members will be interested in please talk to me or any board member to get it on the program. 

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