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Next meeting is Sunday, February 17 1:00 till 4:00 pm.  

JJust a friendly reminder that the next meeting is on Sunday, February 17 at 1:00 pm at the Capilano Community Hall. (Note; this is held the third Sunday due to a hall scheduling problem)

 After a short meeting, members will play from the signup sheet. Our Vice President, Nick Molella, has challenged members to also play duets at the meeting. So if you have a duet partner this is an opportunity to show you stuff. 

 Share your knowledge:  We continue to look for ideas to keep our meetings interesting and informative.  Amongst members there is a lot of knowledge and expertise.  Maybe a good fingering technique; maybe different ways of playing the bass side; maybe a great song; maybe a great accordion experience; maybe a good way to learn a new song. In short, if you feel you have a subject other members will be interested in please talk to me or any board member to get it on the program. 

 January 27 meeting.  This was another good meeting with a great selection of music played by members. Norman, who entertains around the Edmonton area playing diatonic accordion and singing Newfoundland music, was at the meeting and added an eastern flair to the entertainment.

 Please be mindful that the parking lot and the walkway to the hall can be slippery.

Accordion events:

1) April 27, 2019; Accordion Wizardry Concert. Ksenja Sidorova with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. The Accordion Society is a sponsor for this Concert and we will again be involved with promoting the Accordion and the Accordion Society at this function.  Accordion Society Members will get 20 % off the ticket price by using promo code “ accordion”.

 2) May 14-18 2019 Accordion visit to Castelfidardo & San Marino, Italy.

 Society tidbits

The Mee–Yah-Noh school in Edmonton now has an 8 member accordion club. Denis Bourdon and Nick Molella are teaching the group (and their teacher) to play Jingle Bells on the accordion. 

Memberships: The 2019 memberships are due. If you have not already paid please do so at the Christmas Party. Memberships are $10 per person. Please also make sure that we have the correct phone number, address and e-mail address for our records. Membership director is June McNeil at (780) 489-3110.

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